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Default Black Ops 2 due to be officially announced very soon

A tweet from Treyarch and other rumours suggest that Black ops 2 will be officially announced on the 2nd May. Why am i so excited ? Well, firstly Treyarch has proven itself to be the better of the 2 Devs that are tied to CoD as of recent releases. Black ops is still the best selling CoD game to date and probably the best CoD since CoD4 'imo'. Treyarch also have better communications with the PC customer in regards to what PC customers want to see in there CoD title. Such things as editable configs, dedicated servers and FoV options are of the norm now from Treyarch were as IW have blatantly ignored the PC user...'And paid for it'....

Also rumour has it that Black Ops 2 will be using a 'new' engine although it has not been stated which one.

Looking forward to this and its about time Activision stepped it up a little with MoH Warfighter being released around the same time and Respawns FPS game scheduled for a early 2013 release..
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