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Default Re: ETA for nV GeForce GTX 675M w/2GB

I was under the impression that Bumblebee provided its own configuration file for the offscreen X server driven by the NVIDIA chip. You're probably better off using the Bumblebee PPA alongside a supported Ubuntu release, just to make sure that it's sane on this laptop, and then try a custom-built solution.

For reference, here are the contents of the xorg.conf.nvidia file shipped through this PPA:

Section "ServerLayout"
    Identifier "Layout0"
    Option "AutoAddDevices" "false"

Section "Device"
    Identifier "Device1"
    Driver "nvidia"
    VendorName "NVIDIA Corporation"
    Option "NoLogo" "true"
    Option "UseEDID" "false"
    Option "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP"
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