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Originally Posted by Hogrider View Post
Yea I don't like them disabling hardware features either, that's why I hated Verizon disabling usb connections on my wife's Motorola Razr phone so you couldn't put mp3s on it and have to use their service to buy MP3s through. I hacked it and enabled that feature.
That's another reason why I like our iphones they work just how we want them out of the box and they didn't have any bloatware on them, unlike the Android phones we had.
I assume you mean the original Razr? That phone ran a proprietray OS, not Android. Android allows you to put any file on the storage via Windows Explorer, unlike iOS. iOS severely restricts your hardware capabilities in terms of file transfer and sharing. Also, Nexus phones have no bloatware and get updates directly from Google.

Do you realize yet that OEM's are typically the ones that screw up Android phones? I can't tell if you've deduced that yet from what I've said lol.
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