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Post Maxis: SimCity's Always Online Req Not About Piracy

You've probably heard that SimCity will come tethered to a pesky always online requirement. You might have heard that we don't like it very much. But then ' like an absentee father ' it's really only an absolute necessity on start up, so things could be worse. Still, though, I like playing games when I'm thousands of feet in the air, in the middle of nowhere, or punching my incredibly spotty router for yet another hour of downtime. 'Why,' I'm instead forced to bellow at SimCity, slumping to my knees in defeat. 'Why can't I play you in a car, on a tree, in a box, or with a fox?' 'Piracy!' replies the roving Internet peanut gallery. Maxis, however, claims it's prepared to prove everyone wrong.


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