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Post Just Deserts: Spec Ops MP Trailer Weaponizes Sand

What follows is a moment-by-moment recounting of my facial expressions while watching Spec Ops: The Line's multiplayer trailer ' in ultra-vision. Exposition-y stuff: an expectant stare followed by an eye roll so hard it nearly detached my retinas at the phrase 'This is their war.' Cover shooty runny 'splodey stuff: a furrowed brow as if to say, 'Is this all?' and 'Why waste a slow-mo shot on a reload?' Class-based skills and rewards, etc: drooping eyelids, a hint of spittle dangling from the corner of my mouth. SAND AVALANCHE: Eyes wide-open, mouth creaking into a tentative smile, head ****ed in much the same way as a dog saying, 'Baroo?' Still though, it's a bit worrisome that they actually had to spell out 'Sand is a game-changer,' as though saying, 'No, wait, don't go! We're sort of different, see?' And see you shall, if you opt to check out the trailer after the break.


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