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Originally posted by CainSyris
UT2003 = derivative game, great graphics, poor sound (bad announcer)
NOLF2=great game, great graphics, great sound.

NOLF2 wins. Flawless victory. ;)
I agree, the announcer sucks so bad. He can be alright at first, and in certain things he says, but for the most part, it's horrible. That is why I went ahead and ripped all the female announcer voices I could get from the old build of the game that was leaked a while back. It's great, pretty much all the commonly used voices for the team games are female, as well as a few others.

Very refreshing to hear her replace most of the important sounds, and then the male announcer to fill in the rest. Only one drawback. For some reason, Epic had the game validate even the sound packages online, so you can't use this modified female announcer pack unless the server has it also, but single player or instant action works fine. Online, you get a mismatch. A real let down, cause I love the female announcer...

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