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The demo is pretty easy even at the hardest mode, but it's fun. My biggest complaint is how they changed the game to regenerating health . The first Sniper Elite was hard because, like the other soldiers in the battlefield you could die easily from getting shot. In this one, run to cover and wait a second and your 100% again. At least with medpacks type system, you had to go find them so it wasn't guaranteed. Stealth seems optional now because of the regen health. Also the enemy AI seems pretty stupid, but also omnipotent once alerted.

I hope they put more stealth stuff into the real game. Like in the previous game, where if you timed your shots to thunder, or other gunfire in the area, you remained invisible. There is no indicator in the demo like the first Sniper Elite game, that indicated how well you blended in with your surroundings so I am thinking they might have taken that aspect out which is a real shame cause it really made the first game great.

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