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Default Re: What to do with a Diablo 3 preorder?

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody View Post
Diablo 2 = My favorite game of all time.

Just spent an hour playing Diablo 3 beta...

Wow... I mean... wow.... I really tried to like it. I did. But I feel like I'm playing Torchlight 1.5 . This game doesn't deserve the Diablo title. Every single thing that made Diablo 2 so great was removed from Diablo 3.
  • No Skill tree (by far largest complaint)
  • Zero story line
  • No Attributes
  • No Rune Words
  • Zero Replayability
  • Zero Skill or planning needed to play game. Yea I know the "game gets harder" but thats not what I'm saying. Just because X monster hits harder doesn't mean jack. This game was made for WoW babies. In Diablo 2 you had to craft your skills to specialize in one particular area to become better. This? Garbage. Your skills are automatically selected for you.

Incredibly disappointed. Way to ruin a franchise Blizzard. BoneTown would have been a more worthy sequel than this sh*t. Lets hope Guild Wars 2 is ok as I'm canceling my preorder for Diablo 3 and putting it towards Guild Wars 2.
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