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Default Re: Forceware 301.24 beta

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
is it just me or does Batman AC still stutter like nuts outside?

I disabled DX11, disabled physx, ambient occlusion, nothing seems to help.
Someone said its better with developer beta driver 301.32, idk i dont play it anymore.

Maybe because its from a completely different driver branch
301.32: r300_00-127 vs 301.24: r301_07-12.
or 301.10:r300_68-51

Most 680gtx users prefer these 300.89: r300_68-13, dunno i tried them and they are smoother compared to 301.10.

btw, you can try 2-4xaa instead of fxaa.
It was a lot worse with fxaa then msaa (older 1.1 patch and 290.53dirver) with msaa there was basically no stutter, only occasional camera jitter (gfx- max, 4xaa, physx-high)
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