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Default Grr, Logitech

Warning: Potential Rant Ahead

I've owned a number of Logitech mice over the years, and for the most part I've liked them. They're generally pretty ergonomic and well-built, but the last two or three have had one nearly fatal flaw: stupid sensor positions.

For example, take my new mouse. Look at the picture of the bottom of the mouse and consider where the sensor is. Way off center about as far right as it can get (when the mouse is sitting as it would in use). Why? For years mice have had the ball or sensor in the very middle of the mouse and moving it to the edge makes some very weird things happen if you rotate the mouse at all while you're moving it (which I frequently do). I tolerate it at work because having a wireless mouse is worth it, but it's the reason I'm still using my wired Razer Diamondback at home. I'd love to get a Razer Mamba which has the sensor in the correct position and is wireless, but I can't find them locally and before I spend $120+ on a mouse I want to know that it's going to fit my hand perfectly.

It's just frustrating because otherwise I love my new mouse. The weighted wheel feels great, although I still don't understand how people use those mice without clicky wheels. This one can either click or not, but I find that turning off the clicks makes it really touchy and annoying. I suppose if you want to scroll through a 100 page document in 2 seconds it would be nice, but there are easier ways to do that.

The ergonomics are great and it even has a button integrated into the left side that's pretty slick. If the damn sensor were just in the right place it might even be my perfect mouse. But it's not, so it's not.

There, I feel better now.
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