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Default Re: The Official SSD Club

I recently lost a hard drive in my system RAID 0 array and decided to go SSD instead of reinstall to a RAID array that has now lost two drives in the past couple of years (the previous one was caught by SMART before it completely died, so I was able to recover all the data on it).

My first impression? No noticeable difference from my old RAID array. One of these days I'm going to learn that "fast" storage isn't. I splurged on a Raptor back in the day too and decided it wasn't worth the money either. About the only thing I notice being faster is logins through SSH, and that's hardly worth the $130 I spent on this thing. Heck, even the benchmarks are only about twice as fast as my RAID1 array, which is fairly old now. Certainly not the lifechanging performance I was led to expect. I assume it's significantly better on random access, but apparently I don't actually do much of that because I have a hard time noticing.

Maybe I'm bottlenecked by my CPU - it won't boot with any overclock on it anymore so I think it's on the way out too. Don't have the money for an upgrade right now though so I'm stuck with it for at least a couple more months unless it dies completely. In that case I'll have to find the money whether I like it or not.
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