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Default Re: should I buy a 680 or another 560ti and wait till 7 series?

Originally Posted by omega54 View Post
I only game at 1080p as Im playing on a 42" plasma. I was debating saving up some money and selling my 560ti, then buying a gtx 680. But then I started thinking that maybe another 560ti in sli would be enough till the 7 series comes out. I worry though that games like BF3 use all 1GB of memory on the card at 1080p without Fxaa and if their are any other games coming out soon that might use more, it would basically make my purchase of a second 560 ti pointless. If any of you guys have experience with 560 ti's in sli and experience with a gtx 680 please let me know if its too much overkill for 1080p. Thanks
The GTX 680 is an awesome card. Im impressed with mine, if I was you I would go out and get a GTX680. There is always going to be a 'new' card coming out at some point in time so no perfect time to pick and buy a certain card. I can tell you that the GTX680 is a big step up from a 560ti, so if you have the cash go do it you won't regret it
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