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Default Re: Windows Defender + McAfee + AVG =

I'm basically going to tell them they have to spend $50 on memory to get it up to 4GB. The actual install is still pretty clean on the pc, so once I got those off and turned off system restore, superfetch, readyboost, and windows search most of the disk thrashing stopped. It actually has a few MB free now after it settles in.

It is crazy that they shipped these things with 1GB of ram. I can understand them trying to hit a price point, but I was told they have never liked this laptop. They even asked me if Toshiba was a good brand because this laptop has been really poor. That's something that manufacturers need to take into consideration when putting out their products. You're going to lose sales if you put out a poor product, so even though the price point is cheap enough now in the long run people aren't going to be returning customers if they had a bad experience.

@Crainger: Thankfully most of my family isn't that way. This is for a friend and I told them to just buy me lunch one day but they said they were going to do even a bit more than that. The nice thing is I can just say you need memory and they will get it. What's really bad is when you are trying to make something work that just won't because they won't want to spend any money to fix it or it's too slow for what they are trying to do.
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