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Default Re: help Seagate Momentus XT ST750LX003 ?

The Seagate Momentus is a hybrid hard drive that has a portion of SSD NAND memory on it. It allows you to have the most used programs on the SSD portion of the drive for fast boots / loading. As well as storage space for lots of files on the disk portion of the drive.

A SSD is a full flash memory solution, where all the files are on a extremely fast low latency solution which provides the fastest performance avaliable.

With your laptop you want to ensure that if you choose the seagate momentus that the increased heat output will not cause a issue. The 7200rpm spindle speeds will heat up the drive a little more. If your going to be saving lots of content i'd say go with a disk based solution. If you just want a fast machine go with a SSD. my Asus G74S laptop i currently have has 1 - 500GB 7200RPM + 1 60GB corsair Force GT SSD in it. the SSD makes a world of difference in windows speeds.
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