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Default Re: Ivy Bridge Reviews

I don't know where you got that a 3770K just hit 65c at 4.6g because every review shows it hitting near 90c when hitting that kind of overclock.It might idle at 65c but if you run a load like prime95,it will be doing over 90c in about 15 minutes.Even at guru they showed it hitting 89c.But if you do not plan on overclocking and want a pretty fast internal graphics and have a older Q6600 chip then this looks like a decent upgrade.But if you already have a i5-2500K or a i7-2600K then there is no point in upgradeing.To be honest if you are running a overclock i7-920 at 4gigs then I would still not really recomend a upgrading if you are just a gamer,because there will be less the 5% to 10% improvement in games but in other areas you will see a nice inproment as far as power consumption.
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