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Default Re: Amazon Kindle Fire

Just loaded CM9 (Android 4.04) onto my Kindle Fire. It works great. It's fast and it looks good. It's still kind of a testing phase, so if you go for it, expect to have problems. The main problems I have so far are:
  • Can't connect via USB for file transfers (deal breaker imo)
  • Netflix app doesn't work
  • Notifications bar is white when new notification arrives

Besides that, the gaming on it works great and it has access to Google Play (the market). It took me about 15 minutes to get CM9 loaded up and working. Here's a quick rundown:
  • Root and install Kindle Fire via the Kindle Fire Utility - be sure to install TWRP which is what you will use to backup the Kindle Fire OS and flash CM9
  • Download and copy latest CM9 Reloaded (v1.2H) to your sdcard on your Kindle Fire (download link there)
  • Reboot, hold power with TWRP fire logo on the screen to boot recovery
  • Follow ReloadedROM instructions (in v1.2H link above)
  • Enjoy your $200 ICS tablet.

Here's a video of it running:

EDIT: that's not my video btw, I'd never put that music that loud over top like that...

EDIT 2: See new problems above
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