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Unhappy Virtual terminals broken after a while with 295.40 and GeForce 8600GT


I don't know if the 8600GT is one of those, where it is not recommended to use 295.40, but I have the following problem with it:

Right after booting up my system, I'm able to switch to a virtual terminal. If I keep in X for some time, then switching to a VT just brings a black screen and my monitor tells me that there is no signal.

I tried 295.33 and 295.20 with manually applied security patch and then I have exactly the same problem.

If I use a *unpatched* 295.33 driver, then anything works as expected.

Just thought I should let you know about that problem. I'm really looking forward to a fixed driver. Currently I have to decide between unsecure driver and broken virtual terminals...
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