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Default Re: Official "I just got a GeForce GTX 6xx thread"

Originally Posted by Pennyboy View Post
Wow nice mate!! do you have 3D Vision? it was one thing that I thought was a gimmick (main reason I went with the ASUS monitor I have is for 120hz but it came with 3D vision) anyways after playing games like Crysis 2 I love 3D vision now and am convinced its a must have thing if you are serious about your gaming and prepared to pay up for the Graphics cards and monitor which ain't cheap!!!

Man Crysis 2 is awesome, I was put off it at first because a heap of site like HardOCP rubbished it, but after the DX11 and HD patches were released and it came up on sale at I went and bought it and man it should of been a day one purchase! I will def buy Crysis 3.
Pretty happy with my rig now, just have one more purchase to make. I want to pick up an Intel 520 480gb SSD. Just replaced the RAM in my PC today so back to 16gigs again (2 DIMMS failed on me) Just went and bought a 16gig Corsair Blue Vengeance pack, they look real nice in my ASUS P8P67 Deluxe, still have 2 x 4gb black Vengeance spare which I will store away for a 2nd PC build one day.
I had 3D Vision, but sold off the monitor. I do miss it and are waiting for the new 27" Asus with 3D Vision 2 Lightboost to arrive down here. Then I will get one and add it to my Monitor collection.

You will love the Intel 520 drives. I just recently bought 2 myself (one bought and one from an OCZ rma)
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