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Default Re: help Seagate Momentus XT ST750LX003 ?

Your laptop supports 2nd generation i7 processors, so it should have SATA3 ports. Now, I can't tell if your main drive is connected to it without looking at the manufacturer's specs.

The Momentus uses a small SSD as a cache attached to a bigger classic HDD. The problem is the size of the cache (8GB). Only the most often used files can be in that cache. All the rest will be loaded from the HDD. This what those 4th/8th try mean on your test graph. The files used for booting will be placed in the SSD cache as the PC reboots, as they are currently the files used the most (if all you do is boot your PC, the files used to boot will be placed in the cache). This is a best case scenario and unlikely to happen in real life, as you usually do more with your computer than just boot.

So, it will be slower than the pure SSD on average, but it will be both cheaper and allow for more storage. It is a pretty good compromise generally.
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