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Originally Posted by crainger View Post
What? Adjust your VeiL please ViN.

I'm saying in the Apple appstore, there are iPhone/iPod Touch apps, then there are iPad apps. Universal means you buy one (iPhone version) and you can download the iPad version onto your iPad for free.

Other apps the iPad version is separate to the iPhone version and you have to buy both, or just buy the iPhone version and put up with a layout for iPhone and upscale graphics on the iPad.

It sucks, but not really Apples fault as it's at the devs discretion.

It's like in the Android Market/Play, you have Quick Office Pro, then if you want the HD version for Honeycomb Tablets and above it's a separate purchase.
Oh. I don't own an iPad and I just installed ICS on my Kindle so I didn't know that.
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