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Default Re: What to do with a Diablo 3 preorder?

Originally Posted by Siskods9 View Post
I dislike MMOs and for that reason alone would mean a good story driven single player experience will get my $$$ every time - there are lots of people who feel this way about MMOs.

Whether or not Diablo III is bigger than WOW remains to be seen.
There is no "remains to be seen". World of Warcraft makes Blizzard more money in a year than Diablo 3 will ever make them. Now multiply that times the number of years it's been making that money and there is NO contest, it's not even remotely close.

Originally Posted by Vardant View Post
D3 should easily beat SC2 sales.
I dunno about easily. SC2 has sold like 5 million copies, that's not exactly an easy number to reach for a PC game. Diablo 2 didn't even sell that many copies.

I think it might hit 5 million, if for no other reason than the WoW annual pass will inflate the numbers by a good bit. There are already a million people who will be getting D3 for free because of the promotion, and if they count those as sales it will be a lot easier to reach.
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