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Default FreeBSD 9.0 AMD64 NVS 4200M


I have a newer Dell Latitude laptop with the NVIDIA NVS 4200M gfx. card.

My problem is that all newer drivers, in the v29x-series won't work properly. I have tried the latest as well (v.295.40). The X server doesn't crash, but after startup the screen goes black and the monitor doesn't get any signal.

However, if I go back to the NVIDIA driver v285.05.09 it works quite well. The *only* thing I changed are the kernel drivers, nothing else.

Are there anyone others that have the same symptoms with the v29x drivers and the NVS series?

PS. There's some Windows 7 graphics specific device (don't remember the name) hardware on this lapotop, but this is of course disabled in the BIOS.

Let me know if there's something else I can test, or you want me to provide additional information..

Big Thanks!
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