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Default Re: What to do with a Diablo 3 preorder?

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There is no "remains to be seen". World of Warcraft makes Blizzard more money in a year than Diablo 3 will ever make them. Now multiply that times the number of years it's been making that money and there is NO contest, it's not even remotely close.

I dunno about easily. SC2 has sold like 5 million copies, that's not exactly an easy number to reach for a PC game. Diablo 2 didn't even sell that many copies.

I think it might hit 5 million, if for no other reason than the WoW annual pass will inflate the numbers by a good bit. There are already a million people who will be getting D3 for free because of the promotion, and if they count those as sales it will be a lot easier to reach.
Are you high? Diablo 2 sold far more then 5 million copies worldwide.
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