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Default Re: AMD gains marketshare for CPUs

The "FX" debacle isn't nearly the failure so many people like to make it out to be. On a Linux system the 8150 is actually an unbelievably kick ass processor, especially at $220.

The biggest issue with the new 8 core AMD processors is actually a glitch in Windows 7 and Vista caused by memory mapping issues when 8 or more cores are present (Intel's hyperthreading is not 8+ cores, that's handled differently) . Disable a core and performance skyrockets. Implement the memory fix and performance skyrockets.

Windows 8 supposedly addresses this issue and hopefully there will be a patch at some point for Windows 7 and Vista so the average non-IT person can have the FX processors work correctly out of the box on Windows machines.

If you take the time to actually get an 8150 working smoothly they're quite powerful CPUs.


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