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Default Can we all be honest about STALKER

I loved Stalker. I loved Stalker Clear Sky. I loved Stalker Call of Pripyat. Many of us on this forum do. I think I can safely say that all of us are saddened by the news of Stalker 2's demise.
I know I am.

But we already have a thread on that topic. A wake, so to say. No this topic is about selling out. No the Stalker 2 team did not sell out. Not for a second. They made money on consistently on the series. The real sellouts are the entire PC gaming industry.

Stalker was born a little more than 10 years ago. A playable version of the 2004 alpha is available online. A different age in computer gaming. No world of warcraft, no SWTOR and no guildwars. Just a huge world with huge draw distances and big inventories, lots of text; plenty of single player depth. A game that could only play well on a computer. A traditional computer game.

2012. WOW has released so many expansions that its been reduced to a carbon copy of kung fu panda. Guild wars 2 promises to revitalize a genre that really took off during Stalker's alpha. (2004) The stalker team has battle through great financial trouble and IP rights to create a sequal to their unqiuely PC experience. They find an investor, yet cannot find the money or clout to buy back their idea. Who knows what happened behind closed doors. The end result is that Stalker 2 is assassinated. The team moves on and finds money for an MMO.

I have a few questions... First, would they have been able to use the STALKER IP if creating a STALKER MMO had been the goal from the get go? We all know the answer to that one. If they have surrendered some control over the creation to allow money to come in for console development. We know that answer as well.

Stalker 2 was not worth the money needed to create it. Not in the eyes of investors nor the holder of the IP rights. "Too niche" they said. "Not worth the money to create. Look at (insert mmo/console game), would stalker 2 have sold as much?" Monthly subscriptions, FTP, DLC and the "service" model are the order of the day.

So the Stalker 2 team took the high road. They decided to honor Stalker's memory the best they could, by laying the name to rest and attempting to bring the spirit with them on a new adventure. Who knows what the result will be. I know that Survarium may be the first MMO I ever play. Keep on keeping on stalker team.

Stalker 1: Over 250 hours (10 1/2 days)
Stalker Clear Sky: Over 100 hours (4 1/2 days)
Stalker Call of Priypat: 80 hours (3 1/3 days)

Total $ spent= $90. ( I brought Stalker 1 from a friend in 2007 for $20, boxed copy)

21 cents an hour for entertainment.

Thank you team Stalker.
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