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Default Re: Can we all be honest about STALKER

I actually wasn't a huge fan of the game, but mostly because I've been desensitized by the paradigm shift of new games doing the work for you. Stalker was a throwback to games where you had to run around to every corner of every map 12 times to find out where you were supposed to go before you forgot what you were looking for. The combat was brutally hard and required planning. After you've played call of duty or most sp games from the last 7 years you get used to the giant arrow on the top telling you to mindlessly follow this corridor forward and press the glowing neon button in front of you by pressing F.

I would have enjoyed the game more if I had played it as a kid and had time to challenge myself but I just lost patience and have moved on in that regard. I'd say a perfect blend of newer simpler games, with a dash of more thoughtful and mind engaging games is Deus Ex HR
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