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Default Re: Guild Wars 2 Beta Sign up...48 hours only!!!

Been playing on and off since last night, I'm a lvl 8(i think)human engineer. I don't think ive ever played a MMO that has been this populated outside of city hubs.

Beautiful looking game, Love the fact that you don't have to join groups to do the quests, Like i can be going somewhere, See a group of people doing some quest, If i move close enough to them it will automatically start me doing that quest, If i don't wanna do that quest i just keep waking past.

There is one or two of the quests that are alittle confusing as to where you supposed to go ... Gladly 90% of them are fine though. Also at the minute when there are a lot of npc mobs and live players on screen because there is that much going on it can get alittle confusing.

All in all loving it so far though.
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