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Default Forcing powersave mode at runtime?


I noticed that I can select adaptive and performance modes in the current nvidia settings utility. Is it somehow possible to go into powersave mode?

My laptop is more like a gaming rig and has a GTX 485M built in, which will get rather loud when fully used. I solved this "problem" in Windows by using the very awesome multi display power saver by nvidia inspector which forces the powersave modes according to rules based on the current running processes. (e.g.: no matching rules -> P12 mode, vlc.exe -> P8 mode, grimrock.exe -> P0 mode)
This is somewhat overkill - what I need is just a way to stop the card from even going into the powerful modes at all.

The card is fully capable of rendering Aero and simple videos (even 720p) at P12 mode and it keeps the fans really quiet (on Windows, that is), so this is kind of a game breaker for me as a loud fan is really annoying while trying to concentrate...
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