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Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Why not get Verizon? They have 4G LTE in your area.
With my current plan I pay about $40 per line and I don't have any limits at all. With Verizon I would have to pay about $20 more than that (which would spell a bill of about $300 per month) and then I'd also have to worry about data usage overage charges.

No thanks.

T-mobile is roughly the same price. Although they have a 2GB limit (which applies per phone btw, it's not shared, so I'd likely not exceed it) you don't get overage charges when you exceed it, you just get dropped to a lower speed until the next billing cycle.

Anyways I think I am going to stick with sprint. Tried shopping around for the nexus today and everybody is sold out. Sams club says they might have it on monday and they will have it for only $150.
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