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Default Re: Samsung phones outselling Apple

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
No, I meant Multi-Touch gestures and the way iOS handles them.
You mean like pinch to zoom? Actually microsoft had that before apple. The "Microsoft Surface" was doing pretty much all of the same gestures the iphone did back in 2005, two years before iphone. It didn't see commercial release until 2008 (a year after the iphone) however microsoft made several tech demos back in 2005.

Most of those gestures were actually invented in 1991.

In fact even before microsoft was "diamondtouch" back in 2001

Also remember how apple got a patent for multitouch? Well it turns out that particular patent was invalidated, because somebody else had it first, namely a company called Elan who produced their own multitouch product, and they sued apple and now apple pays them licensing fees:
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