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Default Re: ivy bridge cpu now on newegg

Originally Posted by mojoman0 View Post
bman what are you going to do with that build?
It's for replacement of my server. I'm currently running a Q6600 on a 780i board along with a TV tuner and a bunch of VMs. By switching to Ivy bridge it should cut the power draw in half which is around $100 a year just by changing rigs. (It's 24/7)

The hard part is that I want to switch over to ESXi but without VT-d you can't operate a tv tuner. I'm running my VMs on top of Windows atm so anytime I need to restart for updates or an install of something you need to bring down a ton of services...

I picked up the Intel DZ77GA-70K for a board. It has 2 PCI slots on it, dual Intel GBe NICs, and plenty of PCI-E slots. What will be really cool is if I can get it all working and pass through a video card to a VM. If that works then I'll run Windows 7 and use an HDMI extender to hook that up to a tv using this:
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