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Default Re: My Gig network :D

Originally Posted by Q View Post
I've also got Cat6 and coax wired throughout the home. Twenty drops total. I've got a decent-ish D-Link 24 port switch...

I've had mixed success with Jumbo Frames at home and at work. I actually abstain from using Jumbo Frames for iSCSI since I'm dealing with much smaller files, typically.

I see 80 on average at home with peaks from 90-125. Of course, part of that is Windows caching with Vista/7. Regardless, VERY nice setup, Rakeesh. I really like TRENDnet equipment - I've got a cheap Wireless N AP with from them.
I was considering doing Cat6 but I talked to a pretty good network engineer I know who said the performance difference between 6 and 5e on gigabit is around 1%. I recently bought a 1000 foot spool of 5e for $50 at home depot, pretty good deal actually. The cat6 was almost double that though, so I just went with the 5e.

I've heard cat6 *might* be necessary for 10Gb ethernet (some say Cat6a will be) but just a NIC alone costs about $250 at the cheapest. That's probably about what I spent on my entire network. Besides, my hard disks can't even transfer at those speeds

Funny you mention that switch though, I just recently setup a pediatric clinic using that exact d-link model.
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