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Default Re: GTX 660 Ti & GTX 670 spec Leaked

Originally Posted by mclanejs View Post
With 660ti @ 2.35 Tflops and the 480 @ 1.35 Tflops, I'd say it should. I mean come on, 660ti = 1152 cores, 480 = 480 cores. If 660ti doesn't outperform 480, I'll give up on nVidia and draw my screens by hand.
Those are different types of core, as the GTX480 has double clocked cores, while the 660ti will have single clock ones (all nv cores till Kepler were dual clocked. Kepler changed to single clock, but twice the numbers).

If you want to compare those, 480 core Fermi would be ~ 960 cores for kepler. Check the frequency too though:
GTX 480: 480 fermi cores at 700MHz (1400MHz dual clocked)
GTX 660Ti: 1152 cores at 1006MHz.

Expect around 1.7x perfs.
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