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Default Re: My Gig network :D

Originally Posted by Q View Post
I've also got Cat6 and coax wired throughout the home. Twenty drops total. I've got a decent-ish D-Link 24 port switch...

I've had mixed success with Jumbo Frames at home and at work. I actually abstain from using Jumbo Frames for iSCSI since I'm dealing with much smaller files, typically.

I see 80 on average at home with peaks from 90-125. Of course, part of that is Windows caching with Vista/7. Regardless, VERY nice setup, Rakeesh. I really like TRENDnet equipment - I've got a cheap Wireless N AP with from them.
I have one of those switches as well. Between a pair of W7 clients I can hit 99% usage on the graph on large file transfers. I'd say average is around 80MBs as well depending upon what the server is doing. Also no jumbo frames here either as it doesn't really make a difference for a lot of usage.

Nice setup Rakeesh! I used to have a Trendnet router back in the day, but unfortunately it didn't have the power to handle connections and kept locking up. Nice to see some of their newer stuff works well. Not sure if your routers support largers antennas as that would be one easy way to get a bit more coverage. The other thing you can do is use the windsurfer mod to turn them into directional antennas. Might look a bit silly but I've heard it works quite well.

The one good thing about having 2 aps and low power is that you should be able to get more bandwidth that way. I've done a lot of playing around with AP stuff recently and came away disappointed. Even with 2 x 2 MIMO 40mhz SG the best I could get for a single stream was around 12MBps. Add a 2nd client into the mix and both of them will slow down below 10MBps total bandwidth. Realistically most of my devices are single antenna so it's just easier to plug in when you need to move data.
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