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Default Re: The dark side...well, red side

I'm as happy as a frog's hair split 4 ways!

quadruple the framerate of my 260GTX! For only $256 shipped. I paid $254.99 for my 260, 4 years ago.

In Skyrim, I "was" playing 1920x1200 on MEDIUM quality. I now can play the same res, but with 8xAA/16xAF everything on ultra high (I might even go Chuck Norris high!), and it's smoother. I haven't checked the FR yet. However when I applied the hi-rez texture pack, it brought it down alot.

rFactor went from 83fps(max),no AA/AF to 292fps (max)8AA/16AF.

This is still on STOCK 860mhz clocks. I plan OCing to 1200mhz
Even the desktop is more crisp, and IQ is improved.

I think this calls for a banana.
They're after me Lucky Charms!

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