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Default Re: Official "I just got a GeForce GTX 6xx thread"

Originally Posted by Siskods9 View Post
So I have these Palit Jetstream GTX 680s with 4Gb per card...

A couple of notes for anyone considering this model.

1100MHz seems to be the max stable core OC without voltage increase.
I can go beyond this in almost everything but in Unigine Heaven benchmark it crashes at 1150MHz. So in my book once normal operation is no-longer possible in every scenario, there's your limit.

The RAM is fine at 6600MHz, I haven't pushed it further as the additional 2Gb of VRAM is on the backside of the PCB with absolutely no cooling! Quite an oversight IMHO Palit!


I'm going to put some Enzotech passive copper RAM sinks on there as a precaution.

What do you think???
I suppose it will break the warranty...
Go for it... I did.

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