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Default Re: Black Ops 2 due to be officially announced very soon

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
I guess in some ways its a winning formula..If people buy it then why should they change ? Of course im looking for this next cod to be very similar to other cods...However i am looking for improvements also. One of the improvements im looking for is obviously a new engine. It has already been mentioned it will have a new engine but are we going to see DX11 ? I'd also like to see a decrease on the emphasis of killstreak rewards but i very much doubt that will happen if the game is going to be in a near future setting.

As long as the PC customer is catered for this will be a certain buy from me. However, this time i will wait for reviews and other players thoughts before i do a unnecessary pre-order...
The first Black Ops represented about the maximum attention PC gamers will get on the COD franchise from now on. Mod tools were released too late imo, but at least we had configs we could edit and a console to change settings. (although it launched without a /connect command rofl)

If BO2 gives PC gamers the same attention/features BO did, I will be satisfied. My only gripe is that they sold the rights to the server provider. Hopefully they release dedicated server files like MW3 did and they increase the number of server providers.
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