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Default Re: ivy bridge cpu now on newegg

I worked on my build last night for a few hours. System is up but had no time to really mess around with it, once hardware was in place. I need to reinstall windows on the SSD drive now. I just wanted to make sure hardware worked.

I think I need a new case, did not realize the my previous mobo was smaller then the standard 12 x 9.6. This mobo barely fit in my case, it worked but I could not use the motherboard tray with my cooler, so made it 10x harder.

So far my only complaint with the mobo was the SATA ports are all facing to the right. But that really an issue for me because case is small, and my hard drive cage is so close to those connections it was really difficult to install the cables. If i had a bigger case would be no issue.

As you can see in my signature i have not updated in 4 years and when i booted up and went into the BIOS there were tons and I mean tons of options, I don't remember seeing this many in a BIOS in a long time. I updated to latest bios using USB and it worked without any issues.

I checked my temps by booting into my old win install and using real temp, at idle I was getting 28-32, and full load using prime getting 48-54, but that is without no overclocking.

Tonight I will be reinstalling Windows, and really testing stuff out but so far working pretty good.
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