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Default Re: Black Ops 2 due to be officially announced very soon

Hang on.. DX11 for the PC, HDR, new textures...I was let down too, but this sounds like progress.

We’re in for a visual overhaul.
Dan Bunting, Treyarch’s Director of Online, showed some of the graphical upgrades Treyarch has been working on – what he called a mix of “tech and technique.” He walked us through an unpopulated level on Socotra Island in Yemen that showed off HDR lighting, bounce lighting, and self-shadowing (“Lighting is what does most of the work when it comes to visual fidelity,” says Bunting) as well as a new texture technique called reveal mapping. I don’t know what it does — all I know is I saw beautiful, detailed sand that looked like it had haphazardly fallen between the cobblestones on the street. When “the old way” of texturing and “the new way” were shown side by side, the differences were undeniable. Some of the improvement is more practical than technical; on a future LA level called Aftermath, Dan pointed out that there were lots of unique environments within the level — a coffee shop, a hotel lobby — designed so players could easily call out their locations to teammates without having to struggle for a description. And yes…it’s all still running at 60 frames per second. Dan said the team was not willing to sacrifice frame rate for visual detail. The build he was showing was on an Xbox 360, but it’s worth noting that Mark Lamie mentioned that the PC version will take advantage of DX11 cards.
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