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Default GA-7NNXP, Problem with NForce audio

I've been helping a friend get Linux installed and we've run into problems with the onboard sound in his computer.

With the i810_audio module loaded, sound is distorted and comes in small bursts in some applications.

Loading the nvaudio module causes the computer to lock hard.

The applications that have the issue appear to be the ones that use SDL (xmms and mplayer are unaffected, but chromium, quake3 and freeciv are).

Updating the SDL libraries did not fix the problem. Installing ALSA did not fix the problem either (although it might be worth a retry, in case it wasn't configured correctly).

He has some issues with sound under Windows XP, he managed to reduce them by using a BIOS upgrade awhile back but he's still having issues (RAID controller apparently takes over the PCI bus or somesuch, a specific issue with the GA-7NNXP).

Just spent the past 2 days over at his place trying to make it all work, he'll be coming over tommorow night with his PC so we can try some more (a break was needed and it's easier to download patches/tarballs/shiznat over a DSL connection).

OS is Redhat 9.0, kernel is 2.4.23 (updated for nforce AGP support).

Gonna look into drivers for his onboard RAID (maybe if it'll cause less issues if it's controlled by the OS) and thought I'd post around to get any other suggestions.
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