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Default Re: Please do not use 295.40 or the security patch with GeForce 6, 7 or 8800GTX/GTS c

I have a 7025 (630a), running Ubuntu 12.04. As others have said, 295.40 results in no panel or Unity bar, regressing to 295.33 solves this, but the performance is terrible. I have just tried 302.07, and the performance is even worse.

'glxgears' figures:

Nouveau: Approx 600fps
295.33: Approx 1000fps, but lots of lag in the GUI (switching workspaces or opening menus)
295.40: No panel or Unity bar
302.07: Approx 60fps, and same lag as 295.33

It looks like I'm returning to Nouveau until this is resolved

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