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Default Re: Please do not use 295.40 or the security patch with GeForce 6, 7 or 8800GTX/GTS c


I know glxgears is not a benchmarking app, but as it is available to anyone running Linux, it is useful as a comparison. Obviously, I'm not getting 1000 frames per second out of this old card using 295.33, but it shows it is better than using 302.07 (and that is backed up by the real-world "feel" of the user interface).

As a follow-up to my previous post, I tried to revert to the Nouveau driver, but failed abysmally I either had no GUI at all, or when I did, it was in low-graphics 640x480 mode. In the end, I reverted to the 295.33 driver, which is now running very quickly (no GUI lag opening menus or flipping workspaces)

Now, do I risk this stable system by installing 302.07, as Tanker Bob seems to have had better fortune when his 295.33 was stable...
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