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Default Re: Samsung phones outselling Apple

Originally Posted by Rakeesh View Post
It does, actually. In fact, the sky is the limit. There are already applications out there for using it to securely unlock doors, quickly exchange information (without e.g. having to email, text, etc) and more.

In fact, there's actually a trend going around lately that business cards are dying. A lot business contacts these days prefer to simply add to each other's information to their devices, because nobody wants to carry around a bunch of business cards. NFC makes that simple, just tap your phones together and you have all of the relevant info.

You can do a lot more than that, Android has a whole API segment dedicated to NFC.

But as an iphone user, I understand how your mind works: You'll hate any feature that android has and iphone does not, until iphone adds it, then it's the best feature in the world
Exchanging info sounds alright, but it's not something I can shoot in a quick email. But can it make me a sandwich? That's what I thought!

Yes, I will make a huge deal about it when the iPhone 5 comes out. Glad you have me all figured out buddy. Just like location services, NFC would still be a feature that is always powered off.
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