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Unhappy unable to boot machine with tesla card

I am trying to set up a cluster of 16 boxes connected with InfiniBand which each have a Tesla card (M2075). There is also another "head" machine that does *not* have a Tesla card.

The machines are branded SuperMicro, model number sys_1026GT-TF
Contain Intel Xeon X5679 3.2Ghz.

(A) What is the preferred Linux distro for cluster machines using nVidia Tesla cards and MPI?

(B) The machines came from the vender with Linux Suse. I have no problem installing Linux on the head machine. I have tried installing Ubuntu 11.10 and CentOS 6.2 (x84_64), but the boot kernels hang.

Here is a screen shot of the Ubuntu install kernel at hang:

Here is a screen shot of the CentOS install kernel at hang:

Any idea why the boot kernels hang when a Tesla card is present?

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