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Default Re: Should Sandforce controllers be avoided?

Gotta' be honest- I dunno. I recently bought this for a new rig I put together for my parents. Granted the system has extremely minimal use on it but let's just say the E6600 (@ stock), 8GB of DDR2 800, with the Intel "BadAxe" mobo boots to desktop faster than the rig in my sig does. Kinda' jeolous.

Not sure if that's Sandforce or not to be honest. All the manufacturers seem to have a comparable warranty, and Newegg's policy for returns is consistent on SSDs regardless of manufacturers. Going off of user reviews this one seemed to have the best and most consistent reviews of others in it's price and capacity range.

Not too mention I think it dropped $15 from when I bought it. I'd love to go Intel just for the reliability alone but they are so freakin' expensive!

Planning an upgrade for that laptop, huh?
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