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Default I concur.

K well i also love playing games on linux
linux native games i find run better than the same windows native game.

I got my video card functioning correctly.. i think my xfree was broken. not the config but xfree itself because i compilled a newer version and things work great now!

and as for my mouse lagging.. i was quick to blame nvidia for this because i came back from vacation and immediately installed the card. well i guess while i was on vacation my wireless optical mouse (microsoft) was broken with no good explination.. it still works but there is about a 100ms lag on it which is very! annoying

so i bought a new mouse and playing games in linux is fine.. and now after this whole ordeal im stuck with a 20 meg partition and windows :\

whatever maybe it will come in handy for installing stuff without using wine and then i can run it with wine.. who knows
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