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Default Re: Should Sandforce controllers be avoided?

Originally Posted by Q View Post
Turns out the Intel 330 is using Sandforce now, as well, Cylphid.
Yeah, I saw that. It seems like SF is almost unavoidable, so I went with who seems to have the best reliability.

Intel is presumably selling many SSD 520's to enthusiasts and the like who want one of the fastest and most reliable SSDs around for use in client systems. It makes sense then that Intel would extend their brand further in the mainstream space, offering the SSD 330 for those who want Intel reliability but are willing to give up a little performance for a lower price tag.

When compared to the SSD 320 which the 330 will eventually supplant, it's night and day. The SSD 330 wins out across the board, making it pretty clear that the switch to SandForce for these recent SandForce-based SSDs was a good decision, Intel's client silicon just couldn't keep pace. When positioned against the SSD 520, the SSD 330 holds its own much of the time, coming in a half step behind on our gaming trace. In many areas the 520 just can't be contended with, which is exactly how Intel drew this up.
The bold is where my choice fits.
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