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Default 302.07: Xv V-Sync is borked

Since VDPAU is unusable with KDE, I always use Xv with mplayer. It works great. However, I tested the 302.07 beta driver and found a regression: The video shows a tearing line that slowly moves from top to bottom over time and "jitters" slightly up/down while doing the general downwards motion. It takes about 20 seconds for the tearing line to go from top to bottom. Then it appears again at the top and repeats.

The "Sync to VBlank" checkbox for "Video Texture Adaptor" is checked in nvidia-settings.

This is on 64-bit, using X.Org server 1.12.1 and kernel 3.3.4 with a GTX 560 Ti.

I only have one monitor, connected through DVI-D, 1920x1080.
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