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Originally posted by SuLinUX
huh what is a 5900XT?, or do you mean 5900 Ultra, run sax2 and configure the card or download the nvidia drivers in this forum, read the How-To to install the drivers
I did that, SAX2 is only showing the vesa frambuffer device, when I delete it, it shows one device MUST be configured. If I leave it on and install the driver properly (meaning following the howto) it does not work either regardless if i reboot or immediately try to enable 3D with SAX2 in text mode.
Next reboot = same thing as just described.

About the card:
A 5900 XT is a 5900 non ultra for cheapo, paid 200 bucks for it from MSI.
Has 400 Core, 700 Ram clock and 2,8ns Samsung ram which should explain the lower price.

Look here:
There youll find all the info about the card.
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