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Default Re: Guild Wars 2 Beta Sign up...48 hours only!!!

Originally Posted by ElL33t View Post
I made a big mistake by buying this game from EBgames. They guaranteed with the purchase of this game you would get into the BETA. I never received any information to get into the beta. This last Monday I emailed their customer service to have them cancel the order and refund my money. As I thought they said because a BETA was included with the purchase, they could not refund my money. I informed them that I haven't gotten into the BETA because they did not sent the information. This means they did not fulfill their agreement and guarantee and that voids our agreement of purchase. Their reply was basically FU. So I have an extra copy of this game I do not want. No I won't give it to anyone for free so don't ask, even though that means some one will try to be funny and ask.

Basically I failed got pwnt and lolz on me.... FU EBgames. Never again will I support your money making ventures.
They pull that S*%t on me too. I ordered the freaking $150 game two weeks prior to BETA weekend and 3 days to BETA weekend I still had not received my key. I emailed the customer service. Took them 2 days to get back to me. Friday night I got the key emailed to me.
I think they might have said sorry, I have to go back to the email and read. I'm not sure why they were lagging behind this promotional event. Not a good business practice.
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